Blossoming Questions

Can I mix lime in the dirt when I plant my hydrangeas to keep them pink and red?
My roses aren’t thriving. What can I do?
I planted 2 Easy Elegance® roses this spring, but I’ve seen no signs of new growth. They are in full sun, and I have tried to keep them well watered. Would cutting them back a bit prompt new growth?
I was told to apply a product to guarantee blue blooms. What is the name of this product and how and when do I apply it?
I’ve had my hydrangea for 8 years and hasn’t bloomed yet. Has beautiful green leaves and beautiful shape. Help!
How can I buy the Bloomify fertilizer you show on your website?
How can I plant Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in containers on my patio? Will I need to re-pot my hydrangea yearly or just add or change soil? I live in North Carolina and am wondering if there will be a specific insect that will be a nuisance to the plants? Will deer and rabbits wreak havoc with these plants?
Pleeeeease help. SOS…
I need help because my hydrangeas continue to decline. It looks like they are spiraling just down now. I have attached today’s picture. They’ve been in morning sun/pm shade, moist, and last week I did add 1/2 oz of bone meal and 1/2 oz de-acidifier to soil. Thoroughly wet it afterwards. I’m trying not to give up…. help please.
When is the best time of year to plant roses?
Help! I recently planted two Summer Crush hydrangeas and they are not looking good, I’m worried they are going to die. They started off wilting during the day but would come back at night, now they aren’t coming back at all. I’ve watered them daily for the most part, not drenching them. It does get quite a bit of sun until about 2:30pm. Any help would be appreciated!
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