I purchased a JetStream Hydrangea. I want to set up a water irrigation system. How often should it be watered, how many times a week and for how long? It is planted in central South Carolina.


You are right to check in about shrubs and irrigation systems. Often, irrigation systems are set for watering lawns with quick cycles daily or every other day. Whereas, trees and shrubs need a different cycle. To grow deep roots, they need a little longer and less frequent watering schedule. If your oakleaf hydrangea has afternoon shade, it will require less water than if it’s in a spot with afternoon sun. As mentioned in the First Editions planting and care guide, proper mulching will help conserve water and keep the roots cool. For the first couple of weeks for a newly planted shrub, water daily. Then, start stretching it every 2-3 days for a number of weeks. Once settled in, your shrub will benefit from a deep watering once a week during hot dry spells. The actual amount of water varies from site to site and type of soil. Flagging leaves can be a sign that a good soaking is needed. To prevent foliage problems, be certain to water at the base of the plant rather overhead. I hope these tips help with growing a gorgeous Jetstream hydrangea.