I purchased back in april planted them around they same time. They did great for a week or two before after that the flowera look dryed up or burnt. I been watering a least twice a day as recommended since they are heavy drinkers. My ph is around 7. Do you have any suggestions, the foliage looks pretty good. Do I need prune the dead flowers? By the way this es endless summer hydrangea.


Thank you for sending in images with your question. It really helps to see the plants in the garden to get a better idea of how they are doing. You are right, the foliage looks good. The flowers might have browned a little from heat or water stress. You can leave those flowers on or go ahead deadhead them. It’s really up to you and your style of gardening. Take a look at our Endless Summer Hydrangea planting and care guide for tips on growing healthy hydrangeas and suggestions for watering. In time, you should stretch out the frequency of watering to help your hydrangea grow deeper roots rather than surface roots. And, my soil science video will help you learn how to adjust the soil pH for best flower production.