Blossoming Questions

The leaves on my BloomStruck® Hydrangea generatedlots of brown spots and edges. What do you think caused this and what do you recommend I do?
I planted three The Original Hydrangeas and one is not flourishing like the other two. It does get more sun 6-7hrs a day starting 1st thing in morning. It is flowering but some of the leaves are turning brown. I don’t see any bugs. Live in eastern Virginia. Used peat moss and Holly Tone when planted.
My hydrangea flowers are drying up even though the leaves look green and lush. What could it be?
What can I do if my hydrangeas have brown leaves?
The leaves get really dark brown, black spots on them. It almost looks like black spot that roses get. I don’t water the top of the bush, unless I am fertilizing it. So I try really hard to keep the top dry. I hope you’re able to tell me what to do to prevent this from happening again this summer.
My hydrangea bushes in the spring have dried brown flowers at the ends of stems. Can I cut these off? Will it interfere with new blooming?
My hydrangea leaves have brown/black spots on them every year. Other species I have do not do this. Try not to water plants just roots. Can you help me figure out what is wrong and what I can do to fix.
I have 4 SNOWBERRY/ CANDY CORALBERRY. Two look great while one is almost nonexistent (very few leaves and kind of a dull green with some brown and only 6” tall compared to others that are 2.5’ at least). This is year 3 and over the winter each year it seems and animals (deer or rabbit?) are eating all the berries off and chewing the stems down. The shrub that is the worst seemed to have gotten chewed down the most in the winter. Will it never come back?
I have a First Edition Berry White Hydrangea. It’s new and was planted last fall and has beautiful blooms. But it keeps losing leaves. They turn…sort of a very dark yellow…but more brown, really and fall off. It have it on a drip system so I can adjust how much water it gets. I live in Zone 7 and it’s over 100 each day right now, so I am giving the plants on my drip about 20 mins. of water a day. Not sure what to do? It is getting too much or note enough water?
When and what is the best way to remove Hydrangea blooms once they are turning brown, or cycled through their color?
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