Blossoming Questions

I planted three The Original Hydrangeas and one is not flourishing like the other two. It does get more sun 6-7hrs a day starting 1st thing in morning. It is flowering but some of the leaves are turning brown. I don’t see any bugs. Live in eastern Virginia. Used peat moss and Holly Tone when planted.
My hydrangea flowers are drying up even though the leaves look green and lush. What could it be?
How do I take care of a Crapemyrtle trees?
I am wondering if I’m doing something wrong since one of our Endless Summer hydrangeas is not blooming. Both hydrangeas were planted at the same time. We added some soil meant for Azaleas. The hydrangeas are in the shade all day. We have wrapped a soaker hose around each plant so they get watered at the same time. The flowering one is planted next to a man hole which limited its growth on the right side. They are planted in a heavy clay soil. Please help! How long should we be watering them?
What do you mean by mulching in the winter time to protect the early buds. My plant is 3 foot tall- do mean mulch the top of the dirt?
What is the reason my hydrangeas aren’t blooming?
I purchased an Endless Summer hydrangea from you at least 6 years ago. The plant is very healthy, however it does not bloom like it should. The most blooms I’ve ever had in one season is 3. So far this year there is only one and there are and no buds developing. What is it lacking? It gets plenty of sun. And it seems to demand a lot of water as the leaves often droop if not watered. What nutrients would you recommend?
When and what is the best way to remove Hydrangea blooms once they are turning brown, or cycled through their color?
Is there any pruning to be done after the flowers die off?
One of my 3 My Endless Summer Original Blue hydrangeas completely lost all of its beautiful color. The blossoms look pale and sad. What’s going on? Watered daily and in part sun.
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