Blossoming Questions

Where should I plant my Vanilla Strawberry Panicle Hydrangeas? I’m in Zone 8a.
How can I plant Endless Summer® Hydrangeas in containers on my patio? Will I need to re-pot my hydrangea yearly or just add or change soil? I live in North Carolina and am wondering if there will be a specific insect that will be a nuisance to the plants? Will deer and rabbits wreak havoc with these plants?
Are hydrangeas good for potting?
I am in Missoula, Montana Zone 4-6. What variety of hydrangea would be best for me to purchase for a pot on my patio that gets plenty of sun?
I want to plant hydrangeas in my front garden bed. It gets no morning sun but will get sun from noon onward. I’m in the Nashville area, so the afternoon sun is quite hot. Is there a variety that can take the heat?
Can I plant Vanilla Strawberry Panicle Hydrangea in a decorative container?
How far apart should I plant my Endless Summer hydrangeas?
Will Endless Summer The Original bloom in full, bright shade? I want to plant them at the edge of a lawn against the north wall of the house.
Help! I recently planted two Summer Crush hydrangeas and they are not looking good, I’m worried they are going to die. They started off wilting during the day but would come back at night, now they aren’t coming back at all. I’ve watered them daily for the most part, not drenching them. It does get quite a bit of sun until about 2:30pm. Any help would be appreciated!
I love the idea of Endless Summer and I bought quite a few Blushing Bride and Originals. However, my flowers are only bloom like a cap and not into a big ball, do you know why?
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